Clues starting with L

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter L. There are a total of 4378 clues that start with the letter L.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Letters on a crucifix 4
Like uncooked meat 3
Largest and most populous continent 4
Lamb's mother 3
Like a bad throat 4
Like ___ of sunshine (positive uplifting influence): 2 wds. 4
Limb you can find in farm 3
Like a 4 am wakeup call 5
Lowest voice in a barbershop quartet 4
Looking for ___ Love (Jody Watley song): 2 wds. 4
Like a shrinking violet 3
Like a bullet train 4
Like the numbers 13 and 17 but not 33 5
Light-controlling eye part 4
Lifelong friend in textspeak: Abbr. 3
Little one crawling in daycare 3
Large North American deer 3
Love in Spanish 4
London language for short 3
Lavish celebration 4
Leftover morsel 3
Large water body in Finding Dory 5
Like the first prime number (but no others) 4
Last number shouted before Happy New Year! 3
Leaning Tower of ___ 4
Lend a hand 3
Like bills yet to be paid 3
Little demon 3
Large dye container 3
Large Aussie bird that can't fly 3

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