Clues starting with N

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter N. There are a total of 3266 clues that start with the letter N.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Number common to eyes ears and hands 3
Not a moment too ___! 4
NBA scoring units for short 3
Not a ___ eye in the house 3
Not inner 5
New start to classical 3
Nostalgically stylish say 5
Nobel-winning writer ___ Wiesel 4
North Pole helper with pointy ears 3
Nights preceding holidays 4
Not still sleeping 5
No longer lost 5
Not quiet 4
Noisy device for deterring auto thieves: 2 wds. 8
Neckwear with a knot 3
Natasha who stars in the Peacock series Poker Face 6
Number of decades in a century 3
News giant from London: Abbr. 3
Not up to ___ (inadequate) 3
Not shut 4
Not very much: 2 wds. 4
Not acceptable by societal standards 5
No ___ ands or buts! 3
Novelist Rita ___ Brown who wrote Rubyfruit Jungle 3
Number of Earth's continents 5
Nickname for a female sibling 3
NFL player from Kansas City 5
Neatened the borders of a lawn 5
Nothing to it! 4
No longer infatuated with 4

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