Clues starting with N

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter N. There are a total of 2895 clues that start with the letter N.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Neighborhood in lower Manhattan 4
Neo ___ (former video game system with a rhyming name) 3
Need it right away!: Abbr. 4
Nickname of the 16th US president 3
Nothing but ___! (basketball player's brag) 3
Number written on a check: Abbr. 3
Nine-time NBA champion Steve 4
Nickelback lead vocalist Kroeger 4
Not married 5
Not positive: Abbr. 3
Newspaper page featuring political pundits: Hyph. 4
Nairobi's country 5
Not just one or the other 4
New Jersey New Mexico New Hampshire or New York 5
Norm's wife on Cheers 4
Nickname of the chef who's Carmy's partner on The Bear 3
Not fresh like day-old pastries 5
No questions ___ (line sometimes found on a reward poster) 5
Nonpermanent employee 4
Nothing ___ matters 4
Number of different digits used in binary code 3
Nintendo gaming system with remote controllers 3
Neither here ___ there 3
Not earlier not later 3
Nickname for the president whose first name was actually Dwight 3
Nest-egg investment option: Abbr. 3
Notable slice of history 3
New York county that includes Buffalo 4
Nights in White ___ (Moody Blues hit) 5
Nassib who was the first openly gay player in an NFL game 4

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