Clues starting with N

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter N. There are a total of 2891 clues that start with the letter N.

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Clue Answer # Letters
New ___ (India's capital) 5
Neighbor of Ecuador 4
Night before a big event 3
Name on some electric vehicle chargers 5
Never-before-seen 3
Nail polish brand whose colors include Hot Toddy Naughty and Hot & Coaled 3
Network with The Price Is Right and Lingo 3
Needing to be turned in as an assignment 3
Newborn's bed 4
National ___ (over $33 trillion currently) 4
Neighbor of the United Arab Emirates 4
Neither a borrower ___ a lender be 3
Not in the office 3
NBA guard who won the 2022-2023 Sixth Man of the Year award while with the Boston Celtics: 2 wds. 14
Narrow entryways along coastlines 6
National Endowment for the ___ 4
Native American tribe that primarily lives in northeastern Arizona 4
Not theirs 4
New York lake or canal 4
Nwodim who's been on SNL since 2018 3
Numbers like 2 44 and 888 5
Not watertight like some rusty pipes 7
Not ___ shabby! 3
Nautical units of speed 5
Not outgoing 3
Nonhuman primate 3
Neighborhood in lower Manhattan 4
Neo ___ (former video game system with a rhyming name) 3
Need it right away!: Abbr. 4
Nickname of the 16th US president 3

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