Clues starting with F

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter F. There are a total of 4782 clues that start with the letter F.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Follower of Attila 3
Flowy accessory draped around the shoulders 3
Football field measurements for short 3
Flightless Aussie bird of roughly human height 3
Flock father who headbutts foes 3
Fable's long-eared hopper who lived the idiom You snooze you lose 4
Fresher or more recently made say 5
Feet-drying item outside the bathroom 3
Fresh off the assembly line 3
Frozen cubes picked up with tongs 3
Financial plan that has a Roth variety: Abbr. 3
Fix as torn clothing 4
Flying animal that's a symbol of Halloween 3
Frankenstein's assistant in movies 4
Family-oriented school support group: Abbr. 3
Fish that can shock you? 3
Face accessory for a costume party 4
First letter in the Greek alphabet whose name is three letters long 3
Fable's lesson 5
French designer Christian who debuted the New Look in the 1940s 4
Fire Island comedian Margaret 3
File format for a resume perhaps: Abbr. 3
Former supermodel ___ Banks 4
Forceful pull 3
Finish with up 3
Former competitor of Delta: Abbr. 3
Fat-free milk 4
For ___ Mankind (Apple TV+ series) 3
Fourth day of the school week: Abbr. 3
Feel seriously out of sorts (homophone of ale) 3

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